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Lending Origination Platform: from chaos to enhanced conversion rate

My role: UI UX designer Kikoya is a company which has to this day three main products: A Lending Origination Platform (LOP), Kikoya HUB, a marketplace for automotive credits, and a Credit Quote maker. First step for enhancing these products was to diagnose each of them. For this purpose, I reunited with Onboarding and Support stakeholders who revealed interesting data through in-depth interviews and some previous polls that were made

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Construction Web Platform Design System

Generate a redesign of the Shark A4 User interface. This is a web platform that is mainly displayed on a desktop, specialized for the construction industry, that has grown in functionalities for 3 years. It began its frontend development using free templates and at the time of preparing this document there were in charge of the backend side and frontend of 4 fullstack developers. Users have severe difficulty in its

fitness app design

Fitness Web and App

This application was meant to serve as a a Barre fitness portal and SAAS. Barre is a mix of Yoga, Ballet and Pilates. the service consist on Scheduled Exercise plans, each one with an alimentary regimen. The first request from the client was to use a sober color palette of only black and white. Second request was to adapt the landing page to an existing template, as a decisión from

Makeover for a Native Android App

This one was already developed and there was no room for a proper UX this time. My only work was take what it was coded and make some tweeks so the developer had to move the least code possible. The branding for this project as in many cases only consisted on a Logotype. Begining from this point I built a proposal which was intended to set the basis to a

Augmented Reality app for an Art Collection

The basis of this application is quite simple but full of tecnical challenges for the development team. Gropo Milenio released on 2019 an art collection in wich each artist had a deadline to create a piece. of artwork. Each one was inspired on a popular song. The proposal of the team was to animate the arwork in order to present movent using augmented reality and at the same time was