My story

La storia mia è breve…

Once I was an opera singer. No, really. I debuted as Pamina on The Magic Flute in 2011 and was one of those attending Opera festivals. Was in the choir of many operas and my highest note used to be F6. Yeah, Queen of the Night.

I can teach you how to sing, I was singing teacher also. I can still shape your voice, seriously.

But all of that was from particular teachers. What I studied formally was Graphic Design, wich gave me alongside music a way of living like for 13 years, counting from 2005 when I started working while in Design School.

As a designer, I did almost everything except 3D and motion graphics. Print, editorial, branding, marketing, Illustration. And I was good at it. But most importantly, I did Web. I coded from time to time. HTML, CSS, PHP once…

So as many graphic designers I discovered tech. I entered a local startup on 2017 and began my journey as a self taught UI UX designer. Discover all these new tools, concepts.

And became part of my first Free Open Source Software community.

Then I found Platzi, and this became a more structured path. But I like sooo many things, so I started to study Javascript hard.

I also took the decision to switch to Linux. It’s not been easy but is part of my philosophy. I design everything in Fedora. Ocassionaly return to Mac when I have no choice, but since Figma is web based I rarely leave home.

And then the Java Bootcamp came across. IBM Winning Winning program. Pardon me if I brag a little, I was on the 2% who finished it. Gosh, that was Backend and I loved it.

So that’s it. Musician, teacher, learner, linux user, designer, coder. And cat lover. Don’t forget cats.

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